Our large fully equipped workshop and vast experience on working on all different makes of vehicles enables us to undertake most repairs requested by our customers.

We use our own diagnostic equipment to identify engine management warning lights and have a network of specialists if required. You would always deal with us.

We can also organise the following on your behalf:
Welding and minor bodywork repairs

Services we can provide

Clutch Replacement - Labour 3-6 hrs

Due to clutch ‘slip’, ‘drag’ or ‘loss of pedal’due to clutch fluid leak. Typical symptoms are partial or total loss of drive and difficulty in obtaining gears.

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Cambelts - typical labour 2-4 hrs

Generally changed between 40-100,000 miles or 4-10 years whichever comes sooner.  If a cambelt snaps or sheds, this can lead to major internal engine damage.

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Wheel Bearings - labour 1-2 hrs

You may notice a droning noise which gets louder as you accelerate. Also, if you need to pump out your brakes, this could indicate excessive play in a bearing.

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Shock Absorbers - labour 1-2 hrs

Defects cause tyres not to make adequate contact with the road, meaning the brakes will be less effective and it will be harder to control the steering.

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Head Gaskets

Fail after the engine has overheated in the past. When very hot, the cylinder head can warp.

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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Replacement caused by soot build by stop / start driving and incomplete DPF regeneration.

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Symptoms include engine warning lights, power loss, loud whining noise and a smoking exhaust.
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Defects can mean the vehicle fails the MOT test due to excessive nose or high harmful emissions.

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Drive shafts - labour 1-2hrs

Gaitors split causing loss of grease in the constant velocity joints. If left too long, CV joints or complete drive shafts would need to be changed.

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Typical labour times are between 1-1.5 hours per axle.

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Fitted at no additional cost.

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Courtesy cars

Available by prior arrangement

We also offer local collection service.

Quotations can always be provided.

Other services

Internal problems such as door locking, window mechanism motors

ABS problems due to ABS light or traction light staying on. This is a MOT failure.

Steering problems due to worn bushes or ball joints causing premature tyre wear. Typical labour time is 1 to 3 hours.

Airbags lights staying on indicating air bag or pre-tensioner seat belt faults.

Fuel pumps faults will cause poor running and poor starting or non-start problems.

Tyres are fitted at no additional cost. Free tyre pressure checks